Living cultures are much more than the physical cells, they are linked to an ever increasing list of digital sequence and other data that is compiled and referenced in data aggregators. This network of connections has been called the Digital Extended Specimen Network (Hardisty et al. 2022). While you can find links to OMICS data on the individual NCMA strain pages, we have also compiled that information here for ease of use. Please scroll through the table below to find what data exists. If you find a broken link or an error in the linked resource, please reach back to NCMA and let us know.
Alex R Hardisty, Elizabeth R Ellwood, Gil Nelson, Breda Zimkus, Jutta Buschbom, Wouter Addink, Richard K Rabeler, John Bates, Andrew Bentley, José A B Fortes, Sara Hansen, James A Macklin, Austin R Mast, Joseph T Miller, Anna K Monfils, Deborah L Paul, Elycia Wallis, Michael Webster, Digital Extended Specimens: Enabling an Extensible Network of Biodiversity Data Records as Integrated Digital Objects on the Internet, BioScience, Volume 72, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 978–987,

CCMP### Reference:AlgaeBase Reference:Genome URL:SSU rRNA (16S/18S) URL:Transcriptome URL:
CCMP1001 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP1004 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP1005 Thalassiosira oceanicaGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP1006 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP1007 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP1009 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP1010 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1011 Thalassiosira pseudonanaSSU rRNA
CCMP1012 Thalassiosira pseudonanaSSU rRNA
CCMP1013 Thalassiosira pseudonanaSSU rRNA
CCMP1014 Thalassiosira pseudonanaSSU rRNA
CCMP1015 Thalassiosira pseudonanaSSU rRNA
CCMP1047 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1048 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1049 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1050 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1051 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1052 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1053 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1084 Vaucheria bursataSSU rRNA
CCMP1093 Thalassiosira minisculaSSU rRNA
CCMP1096 Thalassiosira nordenskioldiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1100 Thalassionema sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1102 Fragillariopsis cylindrusGENOME
CCMP112 Alexandrium affineSSU rRNA
CCMP113 Alexandrium minutumSSU rRNA
CCMP1144 Pinquiococcus pyrenoidosusSSU rRNA
CCMP1145 Pelagomonas calceolata_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP1168 Chroomonas mesostigmatica_cfGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP1178 Rhodomonas abbreviata_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP1180 Hemiselmis anderseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP1181 Hemiselmis cryptochromaticaSSU rRNA
CCMP1198 Pycnococcus provasoliiSSU rRNA
CCMP1203 Pycnococcus provasoliiSSU rRNA
CCMP1204 Pseudohaptolina arcticaSSU rRNA
CCMP1205 Chloropicon primusGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP1214 Pelagomonas calceolataSSU rRNA
CCMP1220 Prasinoderma coloniaeSSU rRNA
CCMP1221 Chroomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1236 Chlamydomonas_cf sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1243 Rhizochromulina marina_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP127 Amphora coffeaeformisSSU rRNA
CCMP1279 Pavlova gyransSSU rRNA
CCMP1280 Emiliania huxleyiSSU rRNA
CCMP1281 Skeletonema japonicumSSU rRNA
CCMP1302 Dunaliella tertiolecta_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP1314 Amphidinium carteraeGENOME
CCMP1315 Chaetoceros calcitransSSU rRNA
CCMP1316 Chaetoceros muelleriGENOME
CCMP132 Arcocellulus mammiferSSU sRNA
CCMP1320 Dunaliella tertiolectaSSU rRNA
CCMP1323 Isochrysis galbanaSSU sRNA
CCMP1324 Tisochrysis luteaSSU sRNA
CCMP1325 Diachronema lutheriGENOME
CCMP1331 Scrippsiella trochoideaSSU sRNA
CCMP1335 Thalassiosira pseudonanaGENOMESSU sRNA
CCMP1383 Polarella glacialisSSU sRNA
CCMP1384 Pterosperma sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1390 Pavlova sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1395 Pelagococcus sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP140 Asteromonas gracilisSSU rRNA
CCMP1404 Imantonia_cf sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1408 Chlorarachnion sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1410 Pelagospilis aureusSSU rRNA
CCMP1413 Prasinoderma colonialeSSU sRNA
CCMP1416 Pavlova sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1429 Pelagococcus subviridisGENOME
CCMP1436 Mantoniella sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP147 Triceration dubiumSSU sRNA
CCMP1491 Eutreptiella pomquetensisSSU rRNA
CCMP1507 Aureumbra lagunensisSSU sRNA
CCMP1510 Aureoumbra lagunensisSSU sRNA
CCMP1511 Chlorosarcinopsis gelatinosaSSU rRNA
CCMP1516 Emiliania huxleyiGENOME
CCMP1530 Rhodosorus sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1538 Aurearena cruciataSSU rRNA
CCMP157 Ceratocorys horridaSSU sRNA
CCMP1581 Asterionellopsis glacialisSSU sRNA
CCMP1587 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1594 Eutreptiella gymnasticaSSU sRNA
CCMP1618 Aurearena cruciataSSU sRNA
CCMP1625 Scenedesmus sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1633 Symbiodinium microadriaticumSSU sRNA
CCMP164 Chaetoceros brevisSSU sRNA
CCMP1641 Dunaliella sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1660 Thalassiosira weissflogiiSSU sRNA
CCMP1661 Fibrocapsa japonicaSSU sRNA
CCMP1662 Nannochloropsis granulataSSU rRNA
CCMP1665 Pleurochloridella botrydiopsisSSU sRNA
CCMP1666 Giraudyopsis stelliferaSSU sRNA
CCMP1673 Eugomontia sacculataSSU rRNA
CCMP1676 Ulvella consociataSSU sRNA
CCMP1680 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU sRNA
CCMP1687 Helicotheca tamensisSSU rRNA
CCMP1707 Aureococcus anophagefferensGENOME
CCMP1715 Skeletonema dohrniiSSU sRNA
CCMP1717 Asterionellopsis glacialisSSU sRNA
CCMP1767 Apedinella radiansSSU rRNA
CCMP1773 Alexandrium ostenfeldiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1776 Microchloropsis salinaGENOME
CCMP1830 Pfiesteria piscicidaSSU sRNA
CCMP1831 Pfiesteria piscicidaSSU rRNA
CCMP1850 Aureococcus anophagefferensGENOME
CCMP1856 Leptocylindrus hargravesiiSSU rRNA
CCMP1868 Storeatula sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1870 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP1912 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP1923 Dunaliella sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP1868 Storeatula sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP1984 Aureococcus anophagefferensGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP2000 Phaeocystis rexSSU rRNA
CCMP2045 Bafinella frigidusSSU rRNA
CCMP2049 Chattonella marinaSSU sRNA
CCMP2052 Chattonella marinaSSU rRNA
CCMP2057 Gymnochlora stellataSSU rRNA
CCMP2078 Pinquiococcus pyrenoidosusGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP2087 Pyramimonas sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP2088 Polarella glacialisSSU rRNA
CCMP2111 Chloropicon maureeniaeSSU rRNA
CCMP212 Attheya sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2135 unidentified sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP214 Attheya longicornisSSU rRNA
CCMP2157 Skeletonema tropicumSSU rRNA
CCMP217 Chatonella subsalsaSSU rRNA
CCMP218 Chatonella sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP219 Chlamydomonas euryaleSSU rRNA
CCMP2191 Chatonella subsalsaSSU rRNA
CCMP220 Dunaliella sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP222 Chlamydomonas sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP2256 Desmodesmus ultrasquamatusSSU rRNA
CCMP2276 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2279 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2280 unidentified sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP2288 Halochlorococcum mooreiSSU rRNA
CCMP2292 Bolbocoleon piliferumSSU rRNA
CCMP2293 Baffinella frigidusSSU rRNA
CCMP2297 unidentified sp.SSU sRNA
CCMP2315 Bolbocoleon piliferumSSU rRNA
CCMP2316 Bolbocoleon piliferumSSU rRNA
CCMP2317 Bolbocoleon piliferumSSU rRNA
CCMP2318 Ulvella pseudorepensSSU sRNA
CCMP2319 Ochlochaete hystrixSSU rRNA
CCMP233 Chlamydomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2331 Ulvella viridis_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP2335 Ulvella leptochaeteSSU sRNA
CCMP2349 Arachnochrysis demouliniiSSU rRNA
CCMP235 Chlamydomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP236 Chlamydomonas sp_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP238 Chlorarachnion reptansSSU sRNA
CCMP2393 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP2396 Entomoneis sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP240 Lotharella vacuolataSSU rRNA
CCMP238 Chlorarachnion reptansSSU sRNA
CCMP242 Bigelowiella longifilaSSU rRNA
CCMP245 Schizochlamydella capsulataSSU rRNA
CCMP2466 Symbiodinium goreauriSSU rRNA
CCMP2467 Symbiodinium microadriaticumGENOME
CCMP2468 Symbiodinium kawagutiiSSU rRNA
CCMP2471 Florenciella parvulaSSU rRNA
CCMP2556 Symbiodinium trenchiiSSU rRNA
CCMP2564 Geminigera cryophilaSSU rRNA
CCMP268 Chroomonas pauciplastidaSSU rRNA
CCMP269 Chroomonas mesostigmaticaSSU rRNA
CCMP270 Chroomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2710 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA
CCMP2743 Navicula glacieiSSU rRNA
CCMP2744 Navicula glacieiSSU rRNA
CCMP2745 Synedropsis sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2746 Navicula sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2747 Synedropsis sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2749 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP275 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP2755 Bigelowiella natansGENOME
CCMP2757 Bigelowiella natansSSU rRNA
CCMP2808 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP284 Chrysochromulina herdlensisSSU rRNA
CCMP2878 Chromera veliaGENOME
CCMP291 Chrysochromulina parvaSSU rRNA
CCMP2950 Chrysoreinhardia nov.sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP300 Chrysotila sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP302 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP3057 Pseudopephyrion sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP307 Corethron hystrixSSU rRNA
CCMP3089 Corynoplastis japonicaSSU rRNA
CCMP3153 Microtalis aquaticaSSU rRNA
CCMP316 Crypthecodinium cohniiSSU rRNA
CCMP3189 Chrysocystis fragilisSSU rRNA
CCMP3207 Aurearena cruciataSSU rRNA
CCMP3235 Neorhodella cyaneaSSU rRNA
CCMP324 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP325 Hanusia phiSSU rRNA
CCMP326 Proteomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP3278 Timspurckia oligopyrenoidesSSU rRNA
CCMP329 Cyanophora paradoxaGENOME
CCMP332 Cyclotella crypticaGENOME
CCMP3327 Goniomonas avonleaGENOME
CCMP3361 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP337 Cyclotella meneghinianaSSU rRNA
CCMP3390 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP345 Cymatosira belgicaSSU rRNA
CCMP352 Detonula confervaceaSSU rRNA
CCMP364 Dunaliella tertiolectaSSU rRNA
CCMP367 Dunaliella sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP369 Microchloropsis salinaSSU rRNA
CCMP387 Eustigmatos magnaSSU rRNA
CCMP391 Extubocellulus cribrigerSSU rRNA
CCMP409 Gonyaulax spinifera_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP421 Symbiodinium voratumSSU rRNA
CCMP439 Hemiselmis anderseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP441 Hemiselmis anderseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP443 Hemiselmis tepidaSSU rRNA
CCMP448 Heterocapsu triquetraSSU rRNA
CCMP452 Heterosigma akashiwoSSU rRNA
CCMP453 Hibberdia magnaSSU rRNA
CCMP463 Tisochrysis luteaSSU rRNA
CCMP470 unidentified diatomGENOME
CCMP489 Micromonas commodaSSU rRNA
CCMP495 Minidiscus variabilisSSU rRNA
CCMP496 Minidiscus trioculatusSSU rRNA
CCMP504 unidentified sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP505 Nannochloropsis limneticaGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP525 Nannochloropsis oculataGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP526 Microchloropsis gaditanaGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP527 Microchloropsis gaditanaSSU rRNA
CCMP529 Nannochloropsis granulataGENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP531 Nannochloropsis sp.GENOMESSU rRNA
CCMP532 Microchloropsis gaditanaSSU rRNA
CCMP534 Nannochloropsis granulataSSU rRNA
CCMP535 Nannochloropsis granulataSSU rRNA
CCMP536 Microchloropsis gaditanaSSU rRNA
CCMP537 Microchloropsis salinaSSU rRNA
CCMP538 Microchloropsis salinaSSU rRNA
CCMP543 Fistulifera pelliculosaGENOME
CCMP607 Pavlova gyransSSU rRNA
CCMP609 Pavlova pinquisSSU rRNA
CCMP620 Pavlova sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP621 Bigelowiella natansSSU rRNA
CCMP622 Lotharella oceanicaGENOME
CCMP625 Emiliania huxleyiSSU rRNA
CCMP630 Phaeodactylum tricornutumSSU rRNA
CCMP635 Phaeoschizoclamys mucosaSSU rRNA
CCMP637 Phaeothamnion wetherbeeiSSU rRNA
CCMP644 Hemiselmis anderseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP681 Chlamydomonas_cf sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP704 Proteomonas sulcataSSU rRNA
CCMP705 Proteomonas sulcataSSU rRNA
CCMP706 Hemiselmis pacificaSSU rRNA
CCMP707 Prymnesium calathiferumSSU rRNA
CCMP715 Isochrysis galbanaSSU rRNA
CCMP716 Pseudopedinella elasticaSSU rRNA
CCMP722 Pyramimonas obovataSSU rRNA
CCMP726 Pyramimonas parkeaeSSU rRNA
CCMP732 Pyrocystis noctilucaSSU rRNA
CCMP736 Rhodella maculataSSU rRNA
CCMP739 Rhodomonas lensSSU rRNA
CCMP740 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP743 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP744 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP747 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP755 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP756 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP759 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP760 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP762 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP767 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP768 Rhodomonas sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP769 Rhodosorus marinusSSU rRNA
CCMP770 Sarcinochrysis sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP781 Skeletonema marinoiSSU rRNA
CCMP787 Skeletonema menzeliiSSU rRNA
CCMP790 Skeletonema menzeliiSSU rRNA
CCMP813 Asteromonas gracilisSSU rRNA
CCMP826 Helicotheca tamensisSSU rRNA
CCMP861 Synura peterseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP862 Synura peterseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP863 Synura peterseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP864 Synura peterseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP866 Synura peterseniiSSU rRNA
CCMP871 Synura uvellaSSU rRNA
CCMP873 Synura petersenii_cfSSU rRNA
CCMP874 Chrysotila elongataSSU rRNA
CCMP875 Chrysotila sp.SSU rRNA
CCMP880 Tetraselmis astigmaticaSSU rRNA
CCMP975 Thalassiosira aestivalisSSU rRNA
CCMP988 Thalassiosira guillardiiSSU rRNA
CCMP991 Bacterosira constrictaSSU rRNA
CCMP997 Thalassiosira nordenskioldiiSSU rRNA
CCMP999 Thalassiosira oceanicaSSU rRNA