Geminigera cryophila

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New daughter set created every five weeks

Daughter set……….…7umol quanta m-2 s-1

Mother set………….….10umol quanta m-2 s-1

Grandmother set….….7umol quanta m-2 s-1


Q: I have a problem about culturing. The strains are diluted (2:1) and inoculated in Growth media for first transfer. Now they are incubated at preferable temperature for each strain. Also, I checked cultures with a microscope. I saw that in cases of CCMP2564 some particles were moving but they were completely different (tiny, looks like black dots). I can’t judge whether this is good or not because this is my first time to culture them. Light-dark cycle is nearly 13:11 according to your protocol. Unfortunately, I could not prepare the incubator maintained at 2C. I think they are increased compared to the day of arriving. I would like ask you to help me about culturing these strains.

A: CCMP2564 are non axenic. The black dots may be bacteria.


Light capture and pigment diversity in marine and freshwater cryptophytes (

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