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Bacterial Deposit

Part of the NCMA core mission is to receive and curate bacteria/archaea that are interesting or valuable to the scientific, educational and business communities.

The strain should be a single bacteria clone, identified to the species level, and devoid of protozoa, fungi, and algae. Depositions should include information regarding collection (site, environmental/ecological data, date and collector), isolation information, identification (who identified the strain), known properties (e.g., toxicity, biosafety level, cell dimensions, etc.), and growth conditions (culture medium, temperature, salinity, etc.).

Type strains of new species of bacteria and archaea that are deposited in the NCMA collection are subject to the Rules of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes and do not have restrictions placed on their distribution for taxonomic or related academic research. 

All bacteria/archaea strains will be given a NCMA number upon successful accession. Strains deposited in the NCMA are available to the public, and they cannot be withdrawn from the collection by the depositor. To deposit a strain, please review the NCMA Deposit Terms and Conditions and return to NCMA@bigelow.org.


Bacterial Deposit Form


Shipping Biomaterials to NCMA:

Upon completion of the deposit form, and its acceptance by NCMA curators, they will reach back out to you to arrange shipping. Note: we do not accept shipments on weekends or holidays so it is imperative to coordinate shipping with NCMA Curators. The address for shipping to NCMA is below.

Shipping Address:

      NCMA Curator - Algae Deposit
      National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota
      Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
      60 Bigelow Drive
      East Boothbay, ME 04544
      Phone: (001) 207-315-2567 x1