Cyanophora paradoxa  Korschikov

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Class: Glaucophyceae

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Common Nameglaucocystophyceae
Collection Site54°N -4°W
England, United Kingdom (lat long very approximate)
Nearest ContinentUnknown
Collected ByPringsheim,EG
Collection Date
Isolated ByPringsheim
Isolated Date01/01/1943
Identified By
Deposited ByProvasoli,L
Deposit Date06/01/1982
Strain SynonymsCY2, CCAP981/1, UTEX2344, UTEX555, SAG29.80
Is The Strain Currently Axenic?Yes
When Was It Last Tested?12/20/2019
Other Informationcollected from a salt marsh; freshwater cryptophyte w/ cyanophyte as symbiont
Authentic Type/StrainNo
Morphological Datasingle cells
AttributesAlgae, Freshwater, Temperate
Additional ResourcesGenbank
Medium Used for MaintenanceAF6
Other Reported Growth MediaDY-V+ FWT(8ml per 25ml of DY-V), DY-V+NDS+ FWT(8ml per 25ml of DY-V)
Maintenance Temperature (°C)14 °C
Known Temperature Range (°C)11 - 21 °C
Cell Length (Min)5
Cell Length (Max)15
Cell Width (Min)
Cell Width (Max)
There is no cryopreservation record for this strain

Q:       We are thinking of ordering CCMP 329. It grows with AF6. On the website, it states it grows with DY-V+ FWT or DY-V+NDS+ FWT. What is FWT and NDS?

A:       The FWT stands for freshwater test medium, while the NDS stands for North Dakota Soil. The North Dakota soil we have is soil that is free from herbicides and pesticides, and some cultures grow better when a small amount of soil is placed in the bottom of the tube. The freshwater test medium (FWT) is what we use when we do axenic tests with the culture in the collection. However, for routine culturing, CCMP329 is grown in AF6.         

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