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The culture media that NCMA uses (or has used) are listed below. Clicking on a recipe will bring up the NCMA's preferred method of formulation, as well as any usage notes the NCMA has made. Currently, the NCMA is using L1 and L1 derivatives instead of f/2 and f/2 derivatives. All of our seawater media, with the exception of YBC II, are made in natural seawater.   The pH should be between 7.8-8.2 after seawater media that are autoclaved for sterilization reequilibrate to room temperature.

The NCMA can ship media formulation kits for the L1, K, and f/2 families, and also sells these media and their derivatives in premixed form in filtered seawater, etc. Please note that we have also included, as a resource, recipes that are commonly used, but not necessarily by NCMA.

USED BY NCMA:Sold by the NCMA:  Other Media Recipes:
AF6 MediumDY-V Media and modificationsAquil* Medium
Black Sea Mediumf/2 MediumASM Medium
DY-V Media and modificationsK MediumBG-11 Medium (modified)
f/2 Methylamine Test MediumL1 MediumCCAP Artificial Seawater
Freshwater Test MediumPro99 MediumChry Medium
TM mediumProv50 MediumCOMBO Medium
K MediumCyanidium Medium (Allen's)
Modified K MediumCyanophora DY-V Medium
L1 MediumDY-III Medium
L1 Medium - DerivativesES Medium
Pro99 MediumES Medium (West and McBride Version)
Prov50 MediumESAW Medium
YBC-II MediumESM Medium
f/2 Medium Derivatives and f/2 Agar
Malt Test Medium
MNK Medium
Ostreococcus Medium
Plymouth Erdschreiber Medium
SN Medium
Spirulina Medium
Volvox Medium (MES Version)
WCg Medium