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NCMA at Bigelow Laboratory - Culturing Diversity

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  • Blue Biotechnology: Harnessing the ocean's potential to benefit society.
  • Culturing Diversity
  • Promoting the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae
  • Maintaining the largest and most diverse collection of publicly available marine strains in the world
  • A biological resource that drives one of the great engines of planetary control

Latest News & Announcements

NCMA Culturing Tip #1

New in 2015:

Each month the NCMA will publish an algal culturing tip.  Click below to read  NCMA Culturing Tip #1.

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2015 NACE

A field trip to Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is part of the Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition (NACE), a three-day event bringing together those involved in Gulf of Maine aquaculture to find ways to move the industry forward. About twenty aquaculture leaders will tour the Bigelow Laboratory facility with Dr. Michael Lomas, director of the National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota, and Dr. Peter Countway, associate director for Algae and Protozoa.

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