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NCMA at Bigelow Laboratory - Culturing Diversity

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  • Blue Biotechnology: Harnessing the ocean's potential to benefit society.
  • Culturing Diversity
  • Promoting the development of viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable commodities derived from algae
  • Maintaining the largest and most diverse collection of publicly available marine strains in the world
  • A biological resource that drives one of the great engines of planetary control

Latest News & Announcements


Coccolithophores are often referred to as "canaries in the coal mine."  The results of a recent study published in Science showed that a dramatic increase in coccolithophore population contradicted the hypothesis of scientists. Until this data proved otherwise, scientists thought that coccolithophores would have more difficulties forming their calcite plates in a more acidic ocean.  The results, however, show that coccolithophores are able to use the higher concentration of carbon derived from CO2, combined with warmer temperatures, to increase their growth rate.  

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Changes in Scientific Name

The specific epithet for Porosira strains CCMP1433 and CCMP1550 has been changed to P. pseudodenticulata (Hustedt) Jousé from of P. pseudodelicatula  (Hustedt) Zhuse.

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