Fragilariopsis cylindrus

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New daughter set created every eight weeks

Daughter set……….…5umol quanta m-2 s-1

Mother set………….….3umol quanta m-2 s-1

Grandmother set….….8umol quanta m-2 s-1


Q: We CCMP1102 growing in our lab and I noticed that the shape of the cells is more of a square than a cylinder. They are growing at 2C, in F/2 media. The square shape is consistent, regardless of the age or growth phase of the culture. I am wondering if this is the normal shape for this strain or if something weird is happening.

A: The square shape is normal for this strain. It may be due to being in culture since 1982. I was documented in house as mostly single square shape cells with a few chains in December of 2000.


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