Thalassiosira pseudonana

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Q:       I would like to obtain a Thlassiosira pseudonana strain I can culture at 15°C. Do you have recommendation for a strain that is available?

A:       I would recommend CCMP1335It is axenic.  It grows well.  It is well documented (the genome has been sequenced)

Q:       I have received CCMP1335 and have generated tansformants by using it. I am interested in the method of cryopreservation for the generated transformants. 

A:       Here is what we have in the database for cryopreservation of CCMP1335.  This flask was started on 7Aug00 at 14degrees in f/2 medium. Before dispensing into cryovials, the overlying media was pipetted off to concentrate the cells.The cells were exposed to 12% of a 30% primary DMSO cryoprotectant for approx 24 minutes before the fullsw program was started. The probe was in the same final volume as the cells (1ml) and consisted of 5% DMSO diluted in f/2-si.  Three test vials were also frozen.  The three test vials were thawed on 22Aug00 at 36 degrees into 25ml tubes of  room temperature f/2  medium.  They were grown at 14 degrees in high light. By 29Aug they were just starting to grow, and by 6Sep all thaws were  growing. By 13Sep, all three were almost shippable at approx half the density of the control. By 20 Aug, all three thaws were great. . The bact test showed the thaws to be axenic.

Q:       I’d just like to know if they will survive if they are put them in a lab fridge an for how long they can be left unattended for in that fridge?

A:       CCMP1335 has a known temp range of 4C to 25C for us.  If the lab fridge has the correct lighting, soft white fluorescent bulbs at ~80uE, and a 13/11 light dark cycle the culture may be ok for a couple weeks.


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