Picocystis sp.  

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Class: Chlorophyceae

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Common Namechlorophyta
Collection Site38.009°N -119°W
Mono Lake, California, USA (lat long approximate)
Seasalt lake
Nearest ContinentNorth America
Collected ByCulbertson,C
Collection Date08/01/1987
Isolated ByPoulton,N
Isolated Date11/06/2009
Identified ByLewin,R
Deposited BySexton,J
Deposit Date06/29/2010
Strain SynonymsCCMP2805,Mickey, ML, L-7.CCMP3091,JS1022
Is The Strain Currently Axenic?Yes
When Was It Last Tested?05/04/2010
Other Informationcollected at subsurface chlorophyll maximum (~15 m) coincident with the oxycline/chemocline; this is a 25 cell flow cytometer reisolate of CCMP2805
Authentic Type/StrainNo
Morphological Data
AttributesAlgae, Marine, Hypersaline
Additional ResourcesGenbank
Medium Used for MaintenanceL1 - Si
Other Reported Growth MediaL1 - Si
Maintenance Temperature (°C)20 °C
Known Temperature Range (°C)4 - 22 °C
Cell Length (Min)2
Cell Length (Max)3
Cell Width (Min)2
Cell Width (Max)3
CCMP3087 was cryopreserved on Apr 9 2010 using 6% DMSO as a cryoprotectant.

The time required to regrow this culture, prior shipping, is approximately 30 days. If interested, please contact the CCMP for the cryopreservation methods (freezing and/or thawing protocols).

Note that aquaculture strains are always maintained as actively growing cultures, even if also cryogenically stored. Therefore, aquaculture strains (see aquaculture express ordering on the CCMP home page) can be shipped immediately upon request.

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