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Tree of Life

Search for our strains on the Eukaryotic Tree of Life.
*NCMA strains can be found in the branches labeled by asterisks*. This classification of eukaryotes has been adapted from Adl et al (2012) . Read the paper. SUPERGROUPS are on the outside layer. Rhizaria is part of the SAR supergroup (defined as Stramenopiles, Alveolates, and Rhizaria) and represents a sub-group in this adaptation since there is still some taxonomic debate in its phylogenetic position within the tree (discussed in Adl et al, 2012). The inner layer represents the major clades that define Eukaryotes. The NCMA has representative strains in 9* of these clades plus the Eubacteria (eg. cyanobacteria and strains in the bacteria collection).


Tree adapted by Ilana Gilg.

Adl, Sina M., et al. "The revised classification of eukaryotes." Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 59.5 (2012): 429-514.