Oceanicola granulosus  HTCC2516

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SKU: NCMA B16 Single strain, freeze dried
Class: Alphaproteobacteria

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Collection Site31.6666°N -64.1666°W
BATS Sargasso Sea
Isolated ByCho and Giovannoni
Deposited ByMary Ann Moran
Deposit Date03/10/2011
Strain Synonyms
Culture MediumNCMA Medium 4 0.5x YTSS
Growth Temperature28-30
Biosafety LevelBSL1
Type StrainYes
Name Synonyms
16S rRNA Sequence LinkYes
Genome Sequence LinkYes
TaxonomyProteobacteria / Alphaproteobacteria / Rhodobacterales / Rhodobacteraceae
Reference LinkYes
Type of MetabolismHeterotroph
Oxygen DependencyAerobe
Physiological TypeAerobic heterotroph
Cell MorphologyRod
Temperature Range4-40 °C
pH Range5.5-9.5
Primary Electron DonorsAmino acids;Complex media;Organic acids, Sugars;Sugars
Gram ReactionNegative
Optimum pH7.5

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