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Phaeobacter gallaeciensis   BS107

Class: Alphaproteobacteria

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Deposited By Mary Ann Moran
Deposit Date 2011-03-15
Isolated By C. Ruiz-Ponte
Isolation Date
Collection Site 43.3714° N  8.3959° W  
A Coruna, Galicia, Spain
Culture Medium
  • NCMA Medium 4 0.5x YTSS
Growth Temperature 23-27
Biosafety Level BSL1
Type Strain Yes
Strain Synonyms
Name Synonyms Roseobacter gallaeciensis BS107
16S rRNA sequence link Yes
Genome sequence link Yes
Taxonomy Proteobacteria / Alphaproteobacteria / Rhodobacterales / Rhodobacteraceae
Other Collection Numbers
Reference Link Yes
Notes Found in seawater from larval cultures of the scallop Pectenmaximus; does not contain bacteriochlorphyll a

  • NCMA B13


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Type of Metabolism Heterotroph
Oxygen Dependency Aerobe
Physiological Type
  • Aerobic heterotroph
Cell Morphology Rod
Temperature Range 15-37°C
pH Range
Primary Electron Donors Amino acids, Complex media, Fatty acids, Organic acids, Sugars
Motility Swimming/flagellar
Gram Reaction Negative
Optimum pH 7.0

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