Pyrocystis lunula

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Q:       My research group is inquiring about the growing conditions for CCMP731and what you have found the optimal growth rate to be. We have our cultures growing mostly static with occasional mixing. The light is 12/12 light/dark and was at 30 microEinsteins but after reviewing the recommendations under "handling cultures upon arrival" (40 microEinsteins to 120 microEinsteins for) they will now be closer to 80 microEinsteins. Any additional recommendations are also welcome.

A:       We have CCMP731 at 24C with subsets made every four weeks on a 13/11 L/D cycle.  The culture was collected in July in the North Atlantic so if you are able to extend the light portion of the cycle that may help.  CCMP731 is a bit of a slow grower.  We keep it at 24 degrees Centigrade. I think your instincts where good to move it into a more intense lighting. We transfer it every 4 weeks. The typical inoculum is roughly 300ul off the bottom into fresh L1-Si. A heavier inoculum will help if you are trying to build up bio-mass. I find the best way to build biomass is not to over dilute. Splitting 1:1 works well, just be careful not to let it run out of nutrients.        

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