Dinobryon sertularia  Ehrenberg

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Class: Chrysophyceae

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Common Namechromists
Collection Site51°N -114.05°W
Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (approx.)
Nearest ContinentNorth America
Collected ByWatson,S
Collection Date
Isolated ByWatson,S
Isolated Date
Identified ByAndersen,RA
Deposited ByAndersen,RA
Deposit Date12/30/1998
Strain SynonymsT1, K-1206
Is The Strain Currently Axenic?No
When Was It Last Tested?07/22/2009
Other Information
Authentic Type/StrainNo
Morphological Dataloricate, colonial flagellate
AttributesAlgae, Freshwater, Temperate
Additional ResourcesGenbank
Medium Used for MaintenanceDYV-m
Other Reported Growth MediaDY-V, DYVm
Maintenance Temperature (°C)14 °C
Known Temperature Range (°C)4 - 16 °C
Cell Length (Min)
Cell Length (Max)
Cell Width (Min)
Cell Width (Max)
There is no cryopreservation record for this strain

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