Tetraselmis sp.

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Q:       I am interested in purchasing a start of Tetraselmis chuii.  I have looked it up in your system and three strains listed as Tetraselmis sp. come up but none specifically identified as chuii.  I am still on the search for a heterotrophically adaptable strain as it turns out that our current strain (maculata) does not seem to be readily adaptable.  I suppose I have two questions; 1: Do you have a Tetraselmis chuii strain, 2: if so what kind of lead time would you need if I was to decide to order a start?

A:            Any culture listed as sp. has yet to be identified down to the species.  As a repository we depend on the depositor to provide all relevant information.  That being said, we have a Tetraselmis that is regularly sold to aquaculture facilities, CCMP908.  It does grow heterotrophically in our axenic testing under dark discipline.  

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