Synechococcus sp.

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Q:       Do you know if you have any Synechococcus that are green (lack phycoerythrin)?

A:       CCMP836 and CCMP1333 are both green Synechococcus

Q:       we need to grow up a couple of marine cyanos. Ideally multiple liters at 10 to the 6 per ml. The researchers have requested the following strains: Synechococcus sp. 836 Prochlorococcus marinus 2389 We can devote two incubators to the project, but any info on recommended light intensities for these strain will help with our considerations. Most importantly, given that we plan to meet your media and temperature recommendations, any potential growth rates would be very help

A:       Both are grown on a 13:11 light cycle.   CCMP836 is grown in dim light Approx 15 umol mS-1  CCMP 836 can tolerate a slightly higher light level when it is up to a higher volume(above 1L) this does tend to affect the pigments however. They end up looking washed out and pale. I do not have a growth curve on that one.  CCMP2389 is grown in a higher light at 50-60 umol mS-1  .  This organism has high nutrient needs It is grown in a modified pro99 with 2X N and P. It will crash quickly and spectacularly when it depletes its supply of nutrients. Below is a growth curve based on relative fluorescent units which you may find helpful. The starting volume was 30mls.

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