Skeletonema marinoi

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Q:        We are having some health issues with our algae and are looking to get some new stocks. We use our algae to feed broodstock and oyster spat. We want to order a mass culture of axenic Chaetoceros neogracile, a mass culture of axenic Isochrysis galbana, and an axenic starter culture of Nannochloropsis oculata. Before I place the order though I wanted to double check that the axenic culture CCMP1323 is what is commonly referred to as Ciso. I did not see any specific caribbean strains listed and was wondering if CCMP1323 is the same or similar.  Additionally, I am still fairly new to algal culture and I was wondering if you knew someone or had a resource you could direct me to, that helps diagnose algal health issues.

A:       For CISO you want CCMP463.  As for health problems just shoot me an email and I will brainstorm with the other curators to try to diagnose the issue            

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