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(April 22, 2022) Expansion of the NCMA Germplasm Collection 

Macroalgae have been part of human cultural heritage for millennia, more recently macroalgae has gained additional attention for its role in potential climate solutions. While the NCMA has had a primary focus on marine microalgae, part of our strategic vision has been to grow the macroalgae holdings in the public collection. As part of this strategic growth, NCMA negotiated to maintain and distribute the University of Connecticut (UCONN) macroalgae collection assembled by Dr. Charles Yarish. For general information on the NCMA Germplasm, see our article in Algae Planet. For detailed information on the UCONN subcollection, see our New Strain Aquisition Page for details on the UCONN subcollection.


(January 1, 2021) Launch of the Bigelow Center for Algal Innovations 

Algae are used for an increasingly diverse array of applications. In order to leverage the application- and solutions-based value from the NCMA collection, Bigelow launched the Center for Algal Innovations. To learn more about this new center, please visit the Center for Algal Innovations page.

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