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1. The NCMA accepts nomenclatural-type materials (e.g. holotypes and isotypes) that are (or can be) cryopreserved such that actively growing cells can be recovered when the materials are thawed.  The requirements (effective 2018) are described in the International Code of Nomenclature for Algae, Fungi and Plants (2018 Shenzhen Code).   

2. The cryopreserved type material would be assigned a "CCMP number."  Material with a CCMP number would not be freely distributed and would be used to resolve taxonomic disputes.  The NCMA would also maintain some material of the same strain as the "authentic" strain.  This “authentic” strain would be assigned  a different CCMP number and would be freely distributed.

3. If the NCMA cannot successfully cryopreserve a newly described species, we will not be able to store the "type material" on site.  We would, however, welcome the opportunity to access and distribute cultures of "authentic" strains.