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Maine Algae Cluster Planning Project

 Maine has been home to seaweed (macroalgae) businesses for almost 80 years, with a focus on macroalgae as whole foods, nutraceuticals, and as ingredients and extracts used in food production, animal feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural products. The industry has developed technologies and accumulated substantial information and experience in harvesting, preparing, marketing, and selling Maine seaweeds. The microalgae industry sector is less well developed, but there is considerable culturing expertise and intellectual and technical capacity in Maine. Globally microalgae are grown at significant scale for biofuels,and high-value natural products.

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) recently funded a planning grant to support development of the Maine Algae Cluster (MAC). The MAC is an industry-driven initiative composed of commercial companies, R&D centers, educational institutions, and financing sources, with the goal to become the core accelerator that fosters growth of a sustainable, ecologically sound, and profitable algae sector in Maine. A cluster is a network of businesses, organizations, and individuals in a sector that work collaboratively and share resources to benefit the sector as a whole. One example in Maine is the marine trades cluster.  For more information about clusters, see MTI’s Cluster Initiative Program.

The Maine Algae Cluster Advisory Group (MACAG) was formed from current partners to oversee the planning phase of the Maine Algae Cluster Initiative project. The group includes representatives of seaweed wild-harvest and aquaculture businesses and associated processing activities; private, nonprofit research institutions that specialize in programs and investments in Maine’s entrepreneurial development, especially in fisheries and aquaculture; representatives of Maine’s higher academic institutions with recognized expertise in research, development, and educational outreach. This core group has the diversity of expertise and experience to develop a strategic vision for an algal cluster and an action plan to accomplish it.

The following links are documented results from the Maine Algae Cluster Planning Project:

Maine Algae Cluster Final Planning Project Brochure

Maine Algae Cluster Poster

Maine Algae Cluster Industry Survey Results

Maine Algae Cluster Market Research Results



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