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Taxonomic Identifcation

  • The ID service is geared towards the customer needs. We can start with a basic microscopic analysis to get a provisional morphological ID (this is easier for the larger microalgae). COST $150/strain
  • For MIXED cultures, we can conduct a basic microscopic analysis and determine relative proportions of obvious different species in the culture. COST $200/strain
  • A firmer ID can be obtained from 18S rRNA gene analysis (COST $875/strain), but we would typically recommend a 3-gene screen (18S rRNA; ITS and COX or 28S), this will give an ID to species level with high confidence - taxonomists prefer this level of confidence. COST $1500/strain.
  • For MIXED cultures there are different options for molecular analysis:
    1. 18S rRNA PCR; TA-cloning; sequence analysis of 96 clones COST $2,500/culture
    2. Grow cells from a culture on plate (assuming they can grow on a plate); pick individual colonies; 18S rRNA gene analysis of different colonies. COST $500/colony (minimum 10 colonies).
    3. Flow cytometry sorting of individual cultures; downstream 18S rRNA gene analysis of sorted cells. Cost $3000/culture
    4. We can probably develop a diagnostic service for you based on a technique called Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP); we did this for a customer last year. It would involve some basic characterization of the strains you have, then we would essentially have a diagnostic test for your cultures. High set up cost (approx. $5000) then relatively cheap quantitative analysis ($500/sample).

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