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Prorocentrum steidingerae   F. Gomez, D. Qiu & Senjie Lin

Class: Dinophyceae

Common Name alveolates
Collection Site 24.7083° N  81.125° W  
off of Knight Key, Florida USA
Ocean North Atlantic
Sea Gulf of Mexico
Nearest Continent North America
Collected By Bomber,J
Collection Date
Isolated By Bomber,J
Isolation Date 11/1/1985
Identified By Gomez,F, Qui, D., Lin, S
Deposited By Bomber,J
Deposit Date 1986-08-20
Strain Synonyms PM200A, FIT#182
Is The Strain Currently Axenic? No
When Was It Last Tested? 2006-12-20
Other Information 1 m deep at low tide; 10% full sunlight;
Authentic/Type Strain Authentic
Morphological Data flagellate
Attributes Algae, Toxic, Marine, Warm Water
Additional Resources   
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Medium Used For Maintenance L1 - Si
Other Reported Growth Media f/2-Si, K, L/20, L/40 + EDTA + VA, L1 - Si
Maintenance Temperature 24°C
Known Temperature Range 22 - 26°C
Cell Length (Min) 34
Cell Length (Max) 40
Cell Width (Min) 18
Cell Width (Max) 26

  • CCMP687

  • CCMP687

  • CCMP687

  • CCMP687

  • CCMP687


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CCMP687 Growth media (25 mL) for first transfer
CCMP687 Identify by gene sequencing analysis
CCMP687 High-resolution royalty-free strain image
CCMP687 Starter Culture 2x15ml
CCMP687 1L Mass Culture
CCMP687 20L Harvested Cells
CCMP687 DNA from 100mL Culture
CCMP687 RNA from 500mL Culture

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