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Chaetoceros calcitrans   Paulsen

Class: Mediophyceae

Common Name centric diatom
Collection Site
collection site unknown
Ocean unknown
Nearest Continent Unknown
Collected By Umebayashi,O
Collection Date 1960
Isolated By Umebayashi,O
Isolation Date 1960
Identified By
Deposited By Booth,B
Deposit Date 1983-02-17
Strain Synonyms CCAL, NEPCC590, CCAP 1010/11, CS-178
Is The Strain Currently Axenic? Yes
When Was It Last Tested? 2019-12-20
Other Information from a culture of Porphyra
Authentic/Type Strain No
Morphological Data Spine Length 35
Attributes Algae, Marine, Robust, Warm Water, Aquaculture
Additional Resources   
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Medium Used For Maintenance L1
Other Reported Growth Media f/2
Maintenance Temperature 20°C
Known Temperature Range 17 - 26°C
Cell Length (Min) 3
Cell Length (Max) 7
Cell Width (Min) 3
Cell Width (Max) 5

  • CCMP1315


Coming soon

CCMP1315 was cryopreserved on Sep 19 2002 using 12% DMSO as a cryoprotectant.

The time required to regrow this culture, prior shipping, is approximately 21 days. If interested, please contact the CCMP for the cryopreservation methods (freezing and/or thawing protocols).

Note that aquaculture strains are always maintained as actively growing cultures, even if also cryogenically stored. Therefore, aquaculture strains (see aquaculture express ordering on the CCMP home page) can be shipped immediately upon request.


Collection site is unknown.

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Product Name Price Qty
CCMP1315 Growth media (25 mL) for first transfer
CCMP1315 Identify by gene sequencing analysis
CCMP1315 High-resolution royalty-free strain image
CCMP1315 Starter Culture 2x15ml
CCMP1315 1L Mass Culture
CCMP1315 20L Harvested Cells
CCMP1315 DNA from 100mL Culture
CCMP1315 RNA from 500mL Culture

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