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Additional Bigelow Services

The SINGLE CELL GENOMICS CENTER (SCGC) is the first of its kind in the world.  Single cell DNA sequencing, pioneered at Bigelow Laboratory, reads the genomic blueprints of the most fundamental units of life without the need for cultivation. This powerful approach is used to analyze biochemical properties and evolutionary histories of uncultured microorganisms, which are thought to constitute over 99% of biological diversity on Earth. Single cell genomics also provides unique insights into the microdiversity and evolutionary processes within microbial populations and within multi-cellular organisms. SCGC offers single cell genomics to the research community and is serving as an engine for discoveries in microbial ecology, evolution, bioprospecting, and human health.


The BIGELOW ANALYTICAL SERVICES (BAS) offers expert state-of-the-art analytical services to public and private entities.  This advanced technoligy is available to local, national, and international researchers in all fields of study including marine chemistry, aquaculture, pharmacy, and fisheries.  Equipped with cutting- edge technology, BAS also performs nutrient and stable isotope analyses and offers a wide range of mass spectrometry and microscopy techniques  for in-depth investigations.


The J. J. MACISAAC CENTER  FOR AQUATIC CYTOMETRY (CAC) uses innovative new technologies to advance the study of aquatic microbes and algae in marine and freshwater systems.  It carries on a pioneering tradition for Bigelow Laboratory scientists who were the first to use flow cytometer, initially used in medicine to count cancer cells, for aquatic research. Today, scientists from around the world use the FAC for the development of new applications and stains, routine cell counting, cell sorting, and enviromental flow cytometric training. In-situ field samples can be analyzed on site and data sets compiled for long-term monitoring and assessment of environmental changes. 


 The SEAWATER SUITE (Suite) provides a continuously flowing seawater system with both filtered seawater and raw seawater for algal production, and the capability to replicate ocean conditions in a controlled environment. The system can be used for experiments in a tightly controlled, measured way. Multiple-sized vessels make it possible to tailor an experiment, as needed. Researchers and clients have used the Suite to simulate location and nutrient loading, to grow single strains of algae, and to test equipment durability when exposed to salt water.


 The HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTER CLUSTER (Cluster) is the same system used by the brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The Cluster has extensive memory, storage space, bandwidth, and networking capabilities that allow it to handle a diverse range of scientific data processing needs. It is designed to be flexible with vase scalable capacity to higher computing power as processing needs grow. These computing capabilities also are available to external clients who need fast, accurate processing of huge amounts of data without investing in a supercomputer of their own. 


Please email ncma@bigelow.org for more information.